Thursday, August 2, 2012

Chocolate Fish Cafe

This is one of my favourite places to take Tomo for breakfast, lunch or afternoon tea. If you are a Wellington local you may remember the fish being located on Scorching Bay, they now reside on the sheltered and sun-soaked Shelly Bay (ex home to 122 year old submarine barracks).

One of my oldest and most cherished friends has just got home from Europe for what felt like an eternity. Taking her to Chocolate Fish Cafe to show off her golden glow was a perfect idea.
We took a seat at a miniature table best suited for kids and let Tomi off to play on the massive selection of trikes and bikes.

I have to admit I have only ventured off my usual order once and that was for a fish sandwich. It was good, but not as good as their bacon and egg sammie. Perfectly cooked and served between two slices of fresh turkish toasted (or not toasted if you prefer) with aioli and rocket. AMAZING!

Tea is a must. I generally will have a Tokyo Green Tea with Lime however this time it was English breakfast for two.

Kids bacon and egg sammies are equally delicious. Order a kids hot chocolate and you little darling/s will be happy and quiet for at least 10 minutes.

Kids Sambo (Chocolate Fish On The Side)

Plane Spotting


Yummy Iced Ginger Fish

9:30 - Coffee / Home Baking
10:00 - 4 - Seafood, BBQ & Brunch

100 Shelly Bay Rd
Maupuia Wellington 6022

Check out their menu here 

If you have a dog, free water and tux biscuits for all.

Shelly Bay

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